Nominated For

GPS Mentee Award & GPS In The Community Award

Nominee Profile

Arnold Allotey

I have had an unexplainable passion for young people for a while but I didn't know how to express it or the avenue to channel this passion except through one to one mentoring and general pastoral care in my role as a Teaching Assistant and a youth worker in my church.

I came in contact with Urban Voice last year at the 'Project Your Talent For Business' awards. My purpose of attending the event was to support a friend who was receiving an award. Subsequently I was inspired to enrol myself on the GPS program with the intention to learn and be challenged to release the potential that lay dormant within me.

On the GPS program, I received information, encouragement and correction; ultimately I was challenged to put to work all that I'd learnt. The program unveiled an important ingredient I required in order to release and maximise my potential- 'ORDER'. Due to my disorderly lifestyle, I was limiting myself in so many ways without realising. The GPS program helped to bring ORDER into my life and as a result, I'm having better results in my life.


A year on after the programme, I've gathered the courage to apply for a teaching position in Physical Education, begin a catering business and research and pursue other business ventures. I have learnt to honour myself; in particular my physical body by giving it sufficient rest. The principles I have learnt on the programme have been life transforming and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm in control of my time through better planning rather than being a victim of life's circumstances.

Since completing the programme there have been numerous opportunities to successfully put into practise all that I have been taught on the programme and I'm certain that other GPS students will attest to this. To conclude, GPS had given me a good foundation to continue to grow my personal success.