Nominated For

GPS Mentee Award

Nominee Profile

Natalya Zawada

Natalya was introduced to Tony by her mother Genevieve who attended Europe’s biggest Business show in May to hear him speak on the subject of success in business in which he shared his story. Afterwards she approached Tony saying I nearly burst into tears 3 times during your presentation, I would like you to Mentor and coach my daughter because during your story your daughter reminded me of my daughter.

Tony agreed to a meeting but insisted that he would only consider her if she was comfortable and more than willing as she was only 14.

The Following week Genevieve drove over 50 miles from Tunbridge Wells with Natalya.

They met and within 30 mins it was clear that Tony and Natalya had found a connection through their love for music.

Tony agreed to accept her onto the course starting the following Thursday.

After the 1st session Tony spoke with Genevieve to find out how Natalya had been during the week since their meeting. Tony was shocked by her response.

Apparently Natalya had been having problems at school and as a result had not attended a full week of school for 6 months. As a result of just their initial meeting Genevieve said Natalya was on course to complete a complete week at school, which she did.

Natalya is a very intelligent and a mature young girl and this is what has sometimes made school difficult, she’s on another level to so many of her peers.

She has shown tremendous strength, resilience and maturity when confronted with challenges whilst on the programme. She has a passion for singing and music too as well as a wonderful voice which I hope she will share with us during the course of this special evening.