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GPS Mentee Award

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Nisha Taylor

Nisha Taylor met Tony Biola quite by chance at an event where Tony commented during a discussion.


Nisha rapid transformation as a result her GPS experience meant she was soon spreading the news to her friends and family after they all enquired why she seemed so much happier and s very different from the Nisha they knew.
As a result it was decided to make it official and now Nisha is officially the GPS (Grow Personal Success) Ambassador sharing her transformational story whenever she gets the opportunity. She has a strong passion for empowering people and uses her life experiences to help others gain a fulfilling standard of life.


As a businesswoman, Nisha runs her own freelance hair business 'Elegance Hair'.
She also has a passion for hair care and spends much of her time with clients on their hair growth and condition journey, offering consultations and advice on product knowledge.

The next step in her business development is the setting up of her online business. Here Nisha plans to offer advice, a consultancy service and products for purchase along with other hair supplies for her well-rounded clientele.


I strongly believe in this organisation and want others to experience (as I have) the positive changes within theirs lives that can occur through support and continual investment in others.

I feel the need to fundraise and support on behalf of Urban Voice UK in any way I can so that lives can be changed as a result of the work they do.

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