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PROJECTyourTALENT 4Business Award

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Xavier Leopold

Fortunate to have started my career in financial services at the age of 18, working for Bloomberg Sales and Analytics in my earlier years. Close friends with Tony's son, i was fortunate to have introduced to him in 2012.

Meeting up with Tony was a highlight of a period of my life where unusual events took place, where by what was once considered as dreams, actually began to materialise... Tony called it 'energy'. Not long after our reasoning at a local coffee shop, where I was taught about becoming in tune with 'self', exploring the art of confidence, resilience and faith in energy, doors began to open very quickly.

Fortunate enough, a door opened for me that has changed my life. I was offered a kick-start in the career of my dreams, to commence my early beginnings as an Equity Trader. Keeping the laws of energy in my day-2-day habits, I saw progression in my career (being promoted in my first year into the job from Junior Trader --> Assistant Vice President on the Asia Pacific desk).

In my next step

Given my keen interest in emerging markets and the many opportunities it holds, expanding my career internationally, where dealing in Asia or Africa could be a big plus.