Urban Voice UK & GPS
Fundraising Challenge

There are only 10 slots available on this scheme at any one time.

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The Urban Voice UK & GPS fundraising challenge offers an opportunity to Individuals who are serious about growing personal success and starting up businesses like no other.

Exclusive to subscribers of GPS Membership, the fundraising challenge allows individuals whose business ideas is both creative and delivers social impact to fundraise and retain 100% of the money raised.

Having proved that they as individuals and as business owners seek to be a force for social good and change within their communities and beyond, the Urban Voice UK & GPS fundraising challenge allows these individuals to partner with Urban Voice UK to raise funds to kick-start their initiatives.

The maintenance of the fundraising page will be handle by our team, all costs associated with the maintenance of the fundraising page as well as all costs associated with payment processing will also be absorbed by us. Most important of all each fundraiser get to fund their business directly from the community who see the value in the service, by passing the banks and all other traditional fundraising channels.

Urban Voice UK & GPS Fundraising Challenge - Be a part of it

Anurah Farrell

Anurah is running a fundraising campaign with Urban Voice UK to raise money to fund the next stage of his business development and break his current catch 22 dilemma.

The target needed is £5,000. To support Anural click the button below.

Nisha Taylor

I have been a student on the GPS (Grow Personal Success) program and have seen major progress in my mindset geared towards success! I strongly believe in this organisation and want others to experience the positive changes within theirs lives that can occur through the support and direction of this charitable organisation. I feel the need to fundraise and support so lives can be changed as a result of the work through Urban Voice.

Naila Din

This application is to purchase a set of 10 ipads for classroom based learning particularly targeted towards the BMI community of 50+. I saw the joy of my father and children, when he started to make comments on their Facebook pages. I taught him to use the iPad to keep in touch with his grandchildren. I wanted to help my mother to learn how to use the iPad in a fun and relaxed environment.

Felli Ubrette

Creative PR 4 Creative PPL is a PR agency aiming to offer PR, services and consultancies especially designed for small, start-up businesses, creatives and charities. I am a former student of the Urban Voice UK business training and current GPS mentoring programme student.
With a Master degree in communication and information, after spending few years working in PR agencies, I decided to become a freelance, but at that time I had no clue how...

Jason Fuller

My name is Jason and I am currently working on raising funds for my new jewellery business "no average jewellery" the aim of my business is to bring good quality jewellery at affordable prices to one and all! None of my pieces of work are the same (although commissions for multiple of a single piece can be at a greater cost). I am currently working with silver but aim to expand to gold and platinum.

Sallyha Din

wish to establish a business called Define Art. We are looking for funding for equipment, e.g. Camera, lighting, music system. The idea behind Define Art is to empower creatives to find the drive motivation and calling that they yern for and to express their talents and passions into a sustainable lifestyle, and build their personal brand.

Rebecca Amissah

As a start up business it is hard to access funds for business. Start up loans come from the same pot even if different organisations are at the face of it and I have exhausted this avenue getting Gospel Essence (www.gospelessencechoir.com) to the level its at. Banks are also not lending to small businesses as they see it too high risk and I have self funded my businesses to my maximum.

Bridget Taylor

Bardot is looking for funding, as Bardot has identified a need within the market place for an e-commerce commercial design collective. Many online fashion/lifestyle consumers, desire a more streamlined, uncluttered interface with interactive elements, which are fundamental to their user experience and repeat purchases. Therefore the initial website build and structure is fundamental.

Peace Adetoro

These vulnerable children are being loved and cared for by the Saakot Children's Project. Due to superstition and ignorance these children have been abandon by their parents, just because they have Sickle Cell. These beautiful children inherited a blood disorder from their own parents and the parents now have the nerve to say the children are cursed.

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