Tony DADA and R-World Entertainments Ltd Presents

Grow Personal Success
Live Event


4:00 PM to 8:00 PM



The Crowne Plaza London Battersea Hotel, Bridges Court, London SW11 3BE (SatNav: SW11 3BB)

Main Features

Plus A Whole Lot More

Top 5 Reasons To Attend This Live Event

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    Learn the true definition of R.I.C.H.

    And how to achieve it using accelerated strategies

The only way to get R.I.C.H. is to do what you love. Do what you were put on this Earth to do and everything else will take care of itself, especially money.

The trouble is, most people are self-sabotaging. Come and find out all the ways you're probably holding yourself back and ways to dissolve them. (Right: Tony, daughter Ms Jaie, Nisha Taylor and Tracy Bryan).

  • 2

    Be inspired by real life stories

    From people who are living PROOF that Tony's formula works

Learning from Tony DADA's wisdom, built up over 30 years is invaluable, and you'll get plenty of that.

But what you'll also get is the opportunity to hear from people who have already gone from where you are to outstanding levels of success.

They are living PROOF that you can do it too.

  • 3

    Network with people serious about success

    Success is not just what you know, it's also who you know

Your net-worth is equal to your net-work.

Expand your network by meeting power players at our event. It's no good just knowing lots of people, you need to know a handful of serious power players.

Do that and it's a wrap.

  • 4

    Experience edu-tainment at it's best

    Learning and personal growth doesn't have to be boring

Who wants to go back to the boring school days? Not us.

That's why Tony has created a new type of education and learning environment that is fit for the 21st century by combining it with entertainment.

This is the century of no compromises.

  • 5

    Expand your circle of conscious friends

    Highly conscious people are hard to find, you'll find them here

If you are serious about your own growth and success you'll probably have noticed your old circle of friends shrinking. That's because you are growing faster than they are and no longer fit in.

When this happens, don't panic, come to our events and upgrade your social circle with positive people.



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The Crowne Plaza Battersea - A 5 Star Hotel Venue

Easily accessible and just outside the London Congestion Zone and with ample onsite parking, Crowne Plaza London - Battersea is ideally located on the South Bank of the river Thames opposite Chelsea Harbour, close to the famous Sloane Square, Kings Road and Clapham Junction Station with trains every few minutes to take you to the heart of London West End in under 10 minutes

The Crowne Plaza London Battersea Hotel, Bridges Court, London SW11 3BE (SatNav: SW11 3BB)

Who Is This Event For? Is It Right For Me?

For Success Oriented People

This event will help you define your own personal vision of success, a success that has meaning for you, not the success society has programmed you to want. Define success in the 5 key areas of life.


For Business People

Need help developing your business idea and business plan? This event will help you get it off the ground. Come and talk to Tony DADA about how he helps new start businesses raise finance through his relationships with NatWest, HSBC and private investors.


For Conscious Artists

Aspiring artists and performers need support and performance opportunities more than ever. Come and talk to Tony DADA about his regular live gigs across London. He can also help you fund creative projects through investment or his not-for-profit company.


Where Can I Buy Tickets?

If you're looking for instructions on how to get tickets, scroll down a bit.


Reviews From Happy Graduates

Within a couple of weeks of starting meeting appointing Tony as my mentor and coach, my relationship and marriage of 10 years was transformed. Now we are preparing to renew our wedding vows.

Jade Pinnock
Jade Pinnock GPS Graduate

Each time I attend the GPS events, I learn some amazing facts about life and how to get ahead to achieve personal success. The information and testimonies are very inspiring and leave me feeling uplifted and empowered. I am always left with high energy and a sense of I can be more, do more, and have more

Nisha Taylor
Nisha Taylor 1st GPS Ambassador

Leaving the event I felt so inspired and moved by what I had witnessed. The student's stories were so powerful that I couldn't help but feel motivated even days after the event had taken place. I immediately felt a shift, I just had to take action and join the GPS system.

Sammy Thomas
Sammy Thomas GPS Graduate

How Do I Book My Tickets?

Tickets are priced at £10 per head and we have room for a maximum of 80 people.
Members pay just £5 per head.

Buy 2 tickets and you each get a FREE copy of Tony's award winning book 'The GPS System: 7 Principles For Growing Personal Success' worth £20! (request collection at the event).


To learn more about joining our Tribe Membership please click here.

Tony DADA is Endorsed By Leading Experts

Bro Ishmael Tetteh

Conscious Humanity

Michael Beckwith

Star of 'The Secret' Movie

Paul Martin

CEO Wandsworth Council

Sophia Stewart

Creator of The Matrix Movies

Who is Tony DADA?

Tony DADA is known as the most sought after personal empowerment coach to the ethnic and urban communities.

He is famous for his abilities as a conscious entrepreneur and for creating the Grow Personal Success system which gives you access to your own spiritual power in order to live a life of freedom and fulfilment.

No More Sitting On The Fence