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“The story of how a black youngster from London went from combating gang culture, being homeless and losing access to his children, then discovering ‘Universal Principles’ which lead him to sparking the careers of platinum selling artists, publishing an award winning book and acquiring almost £1m worth of property within 6 months.”

Dear Friend,

climb-300wDo you often wake up in the morning with a bit of a sinking feeling when what you have to do that day flashes across your mind?

Have you ever looked at the happy and successful people you know and wondered how on Earth they do it?

Have you ever dreamt of those really good days that you have becoming the norm?

If so…

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because it’s contents could change your life forever like it did mine.


My name is Tony Dada and I haven’t worked in years, DADA is what I do (Discover Aptitude Develop and Accelerate people towards their vision of success).

That’s right. I don’t have a work life balance, I just live a wonderful life.

Things are good now but life wasn't always this cool...

In fact, if my life is a dream today, back then it was a nightmare.

“How I went from homeless and broke to having dinner in the Nigerian Presidential Palace with government ministers while my daughter sang the national anthem.”

The story begins with a young boy known as ‘Smiler’. He got this nickname because he always wore an infectious smile on his face.

Born to African parents in the 1960’s, Smiler had been brought up under strict rules.

The rules were that academic studies should take priority over everything else. No playing, no friends, no watching TV… and certainly no music.

That last one really hurt. Smiler had a lifelong love of music. He couldn't get enough of it.

He sung everywhere he went and would often get flashes of inspiration for melodies and song ideas.

He used to record his ideas on tape to capture them before they went away.

black door-300wThat was until one day Smiler raced down the stairs to record his flash of musical inspiration and found the door to the room had been locked tight by his father, and the tape recorder was inside.

It was in that panic stricken moment that Smiler discovered just how deep his passion for music ran.

The thought of losing the sense of joy he got from music was unbearable.

Smiler’s father thought he was doing what was best. He had sacrificed his luxury life in Nigeria to move to the UK and become a lawyer.

In his eyes he had paid a heavy price to be in the UK and believed his children should be eternally grateful.

But Smiler knew nothing of life in Africa nor what his father had endured.

This lead to a chasm opening up between Smiler and his father, which only grew wider as Smiler grew up.

Smiler used the time at school to let off steam because home was so strict. This only lowered his grades and made his relationship with his father worse.

And if this wasn't bad enough tensions between Africans and Jamaicans living in this part of South London were increasing fast.

One day 5 guys got into a fight with Smiler’s father which resulted in Smiler witnessing his mother getting hit.

This was the second big turning point in Smiler’s life. The first was somewhat positive, when he discovered how much passion he had for music.

This one though was the complete opposite. A rock solid feeling of determination arose from within Smiler’s chest, the guy who attacked his mother was going to learn a lesson he would never forget.

One Saturday afternoon, 4 car loads of guys drove onto the territory of the rival gang armed with knives, metal bars, machetes and other weapons I can’t mention.

The time for revenge had come.

photodune-316546-knife-crime-on-urban-street-mThe scenes that took place that day on a Battersea council estate were not pretty.

After a running battle Smiler caught up with the guy who had assaulted his mother. Let’s call him ‘P’.

P was running for his life, made a bad right turn and run into 2 other members from Smiler’s crew.

P was trapped, and he knew it.

If you've ever seen the fear in the eyes of an animal that is about to be slaughtered by a predator, you’ll know the look on P’s face as they closed in on him.

He squealed like a baby as one of the gang members raised up his knife, right above P’s chest.

Smiler saw it come down but there was no blood.

Then he realised what had happened.

Almost as a reflex, as the knife had come down he had knocked it away.

Smiler was now in an agony of inner turmoil.

fork road-300wHe hated this guy and he so wanted his revenge, but he couldn't bring himself to end anyone’s life.

Smiler settled on giving the guy a good beating but walked away that day confused as to what had happened.

All of a sudden he felt different. Something had changed inside him and he had to figure out what it was.

I share this story with you about Smiler growing up in South London because that was my adolescence, Smiler was me!

“How I met my ‘second father’, a spiritual master from Ghana who completely transformed the way I saw life, myself, money, the world and everyone else.”

By now I was homeless. I left my father's house because things were only going to get worse if I stayed.

I decided to take my chances out there.

My personal growth had always been important to me but the one thing that bugged me about the local Catholic church was that they discouraged me from asking questions.

One day on a visit to my mother I confided with her.

My mother suggested that I go with her to this group where a wise man had flown in from Ghana to talk about how to improve the quality of one’s life.

This was the help I was looking for so I immediately accepted.

Finally I had hope of getting my deep burning questions answered. Questions no one had yet been able to give me satisfying answers to.

brother-ishmaelThe day came and the man introduced himself as Brother Ishmael.

He had a calm soothing disposition about him.

I hadn't relaxed properly in years because of all the dangers on the streets, but hearing this man talk put me totally at ease.

He just made so much sense, even though what he was saying wasn't overly complicated.

As he brought his talk to a close he said two of the most magical words I had ever heard.

“Any questions?”

“What?” I thought to myself. “Wow, he really means it!”

I must have asked a dozen questions, completely forgetting I was in a room full of other people who probably wanted to ask questions too.

But I couldn't help myself, the questions were just flowing out of me one after another. It reminded me of how song lyrics and melodies would just jump into my mind.

I was hooked.

What puzzled me the most was why I had never heard anything about these life skills at school or college.

It didn't really matter though. “What matters is that I've now found a mentor who CAN answer my questions”. I thought to myself.

That turn of events lead to a mentoring relationship with Brother Ishmael that spanned more than 30 years and continues to this very day.

He made me aware of a completely different way of living my life. One that would lead to happiness and fulfilment.

Happy and fulfilled were not words I could use to describe the way of life back home in my fathers house.

“You don’t know what you don’t know until someone shows you”

Now that I had been introduced to a new way of living, another question arose in my mind.

“Why aren't more people living this way? Everyone seems frustrated and miserable so they know their way of life isn’t working”.

I realised that before Brother Ishmael became my coach and mentor someone could have walked right past in the street and said the same thing about me.

I was living that way because that’s all I knew.

“How could I have chosen a different way of living when I wasn't aware of it?”

I quickly learned the need for incorporating at least a degree of humility into my life.

Meeting Brother Ishmael gave me a direct experience of how many people that we meet, know stuff that could completely transform the direction of our life.

But we are not open minded enough. If we are not flexible and teachable we will be left quite literally in the dark. Left in our existing reality without hope.

The opposite is also true. When the student is ready (I mean REALLY ready) the teacher will appear.

It happened for me with Brother Ishmael and it is likely happening to you right now.

“Here’s EXACTLY what I did to turn my life into the joy that it is today”

I refer to it as the “Nu School”.

I was taught in the “Old School” and by my father only one way of living my life and purpose.

Most people are taught to go to school, leave school, get a good job, work at that job for 40 years or so, retire, then draw a pension for a few years while you wait to die.

“There’s no wonder people are so miserable and frustrated”, I would think to myself. With that path laid out before you (and no awareness of an alternative), who wouldn't?

The Nu School taught that LIFE IS the school.

It’s the school, college and university that provides us with the experiences to discover who we really are, to understand the world around us and grow through it.

The Nu School is like this multi-storey building. Every time you learn a life lesson, you go up to the next floor above.

From there, the world around you looks different because you have a better perspective.

Keep learning the lessons, going up the floors and eventually you will reach the roof.

You will look out from this broad perspective and see that the world is now at your feet.

If you are feeling excited right now then I invite you to join me in this Nu School of life.

I will warn you though, you MUST come into this with an open mind. If you are closed minded you won't qualify.

I was fortunate enough to have African parents who had links to Brother Ishmael, the man who was able to pass on the long lost wisdom of Africa to me.

Trust me, if you’d never come across this page you may have never discovered the way out.

I only found it because my mother extended me that invitation. If I hadn’t been open minded and given it a go, I would probably still be on the streets, fighting for survival day to day.

“Here is cold, hard PROOF that I’ve been able to transform my life with this knowledge and how I've been able to share what I have learnt with others to completely change their lives too”

GPS Graduate Annurah

In this video you see Annurah receiving recognition for his innovative new business start-up from none other than Peter Jones, the star of BBC's hit show Dragons Den.

Receiving An Award For My Book From Raymond Aaron

As soon as my first book was published I won an award from Raymond Aaron, millionaire success coach.

Me With Les Brown and My Daughter Ms Jaie

Through my connections in the personal development industry my daughter and recording artist Ms Jaie was able to receive world class advice and guidance from Les Brown, the world's number 1 motivational speaker.

Me With Jaie and Josh (My Children) in Dubai

When you begin to live a truly empowered life, you truly have no limits. I've had experiences that will last a lifetime.

Me Celebrating Africa With My Brother Rev Michael Beckwith

Through my connection with my mentor I have developed a personal relationship with Michael Beckwith, founder of Agape and star of the blockbuster personal development movie The Secret.

Sharing Wisdom With Giant Corporations

This is a picture of me with international students from the Netherlands and the executive team inside Sodexo UK, the 18th largest employer in the world. This was taken after I conducted a seminar for these young graduates.

Association Of Professional Coaches Trainers & Consultants Award Nomination

After just over 1 year offering my services commercially I attended a black tie dinner having being nominator for coach of the year.

My Daughter Ms Jaie Sings At The Presidential Palace

The impossible really is possible when you are on your unique path. Here's a video I shot on my phone of my daughter Ms Jaie singing the Nigerian national anthem while we were having dinner at The Presidential Palace in Abuja.

Before X-Factor There Was Project Talent UK

Before GPS hit the mainstream I was using it to coach and mentor aspiring creative artists to launch their careers. Many now well know acts came through the programme including Tinie Tempah, JLS, Alexandra Burke and Leona Lewis to name a few.

My Son Josh 'Young DADA' Goes To University In America

Joshua moved to the USA with just enough money to last 3 months. He did this a few days after ending his teens yet he worked multiple jobs to pay towards his degree and even completed a 4 year course in 2.5 years.

“24 ways this ancient African wisdom changed me from a ‘hood-rat’ lost in a maze to my own man with a unique life direction”

Here are just a few of the benefits of this rare knowledge…

  1. Put an end to ‘hard work’ so you don’t have to live in confusion and struggle anymore
  2. Fully enjoy what you do so you inject passionate energy into everything that matters
  3. Protect you from the ups and downs of life so you don’t lose focus on your goals
  4. Blend work and play so you never have to think about work life balance again
  5. Succeed simply by being yourself so you free up all the energy used to put on a front
  6. Test your business and project ideas at low cost so you don’t fall down a bottomless pit
  7. Always know what to do so you don’t waste any time or energy going in the wrong direction
  8. Grow your own business so that you have the time freedom to make a difference
  9. A fast track to visibility so that opportunities come to you from every direction
  10. Become an authority so people come wanting to help build your vision with you
  11. Meet success oriented people so you have a support system of positive energy
  12. Learn stuff they intentionally don’t teach you in school so you can dissolve confusion
  1. Laugh out loud when you discover how simple your personal success really is
  2. Network with people serious about SUCCESS, their life purpose and who make moves
  3. Enjoy the process of growth. Personal growth should be fun and alive not dry and corporate
  4. Believe that you can achieve your desires so you are not limited by your past
  5. Learn the universal laws of money and discover whether you are attracting or repelling it
  6. Identify the 5 pillars of life so you can stabilize them and achieve balance
  7. Gain clarity instead of uncertainty or confusion
  8. Become aware of exactly how the quality of your thoughts affects your experience of life
  9. Set and achieve goals in 90 days
  10. Determine whether you have a poverty mindset and how to turn it into an abundance mindset
  11. Identify your passion and begin turning it into profit
  12. Identify your purpose and then your ideal job or business

“A Small Sample Of The Amazing People That Have Already Gone Through The Transformation”

“Now You Can Access An Even More Updated Version Of The Grow Personal Success System”

As my one to one coaching and mentoring programme has become booked up in advance I knew I had to create something new to solve this problem.

I wasn’t satisfied with the 50 or so clients I serve every year being the only one’s who were experiencing the same transformation that I have.

So I created the Grow Personal Success Online Group Coaching Programme.

This is a 90 day programme where I share some of the knowledge and universal principles that I have learned from my mentor over the last 30 years, and that I now offer to you.

Over the course of the 90 days you join me and your fellow students every week for an online coaching session lasting 90 minutes.

We spend an hour on a new piece of knowledge and then 30 minutes to do questions and answers.

I normally charge £150 per hour for my coaching services so at 1.5 hours a week that's valued at £225 per week, £900 a month and £2,700 over the course of 90 days.

After each session you will go and begin applying that new piece of knowledge in your life.

By the end of the 90 days you will have gained knowledge of how to use The 5 Pillars of Life and The 7 Universal Principles to Grow Your Personal Success to levels you haven’t ever imagined.


Between coaching sessions you will have access to a private members discussion forum where you can ask more questions, connect with your fellow students and help other students if you have an answer to their question.

This private members only discussion forum is a service on its own and membership can run up to £99 a month.

You’ll get 1 full years membership to the private members discussion forum so you have a support system after you complete the 90 day programme. Your membership starts after the programme.

You’ll also get 6 months silver membership of the D.A.D.A. R.I.C.H. Members Club so if you ever miss a session you will be able to access the recording and watch it whenever you want.

You can also access the entire archive of online coaching sessions from the members area.

6 months Silver membership to the R.I.C.H. Members Club is valued at £162.

Membership also comes with a whole host of other benefits such as discounted tickets on all our live events which will further accelerate your development.

And for your convenience we have setup our systems to allow you to access all aspects of the online group coaching programme from a laptop or tablet (although smartphone’s are not recommended for the actual coaching sessions).

“Sign Up For The Complete System Along With All The Bonuses Today”

So to recap, you’ll receive:

  1. 90 day online group coaching programme consisting of 12 weekly sessions valued at £2,700
  2. 1 year membership of the Grow Personal Success Mastermind group valued at £1,200
  3. 6 months Silver membership of the R.I.C.H. Members Club valued at £162
  4. 2 tickets to the GPS LIVE event valued at £36.

Total bundle value £4,098

But I really want to make this an easy decision for you today.

So how about if I immediately shave off half the price down to say £2,049? Would that be good?

How about if I sliced it in half again down to £1,024.50? How about now?

OK well you’ve got this far down the page so clearly you are serious about your success, and you are the kind of person I am looking for to join the Nu School.

So let me share with you the price we are going to charge for the Group Coaching Programme.

It's just £599.

Now it’s getting ridiculous for the amount of value you’re receiving.

But there's one more thing I haven't mentioned yet.

This is the very first time we've ever offered the upcoming Group Coaching Programme.

So as a thank you for participating in the pilot, giving us feedback and helping us develop the programme, we are going to offer it to you at £330 all in (£110 payment today, then a £220 payment in 30 days time).

And if you want to save an extra little bit you can pay upfront for just one payment of £299 (yes that's for the entire 90 day coaching programme).

So that’s my final offer.

“If The System Isn't Everything You Hoped For It’s FREE”

Look I understand that there's no real way for you to know that this is legit until you actually begin the programme, so here's what I'm going to do for you.

Sign up today, attend the first two coaching sessions and then if after the first 2 weeks of attending the programme you feel that it's not for you, I'll issue an immediate 100% refund.

So there really is no risk at all. It transforms your life in some way or you walk away with nothing out of pocket.

However in order to participate in the GPS Group Coaching Programme you must act now, here’s why.

The closing date for applications is 11:59 PM on Wednesday 17th of August 2016, at which time the doors will close so the programme can begin.

There will not be another opportunity to sign up for at least 3 months, and even then that will only be the start of your 12 week programme.

Read my 1st blog of 2016 "The Most Powerful Year In A Decade – Embrace Your Blessing" by clicking here and then answer me this question...

Do you really want to wait another 6 months before you begin this life transformation?

I didn’t think so.

“It’s time to join the growing tribe of the Nu School and play life by a different set of rules.”

In a second when you click on the Reserve Your Spot button you will be taken to a page where you will enter your payment details.

Once you complete the checkout process you will receive a confirmation email.

Over the next few days we’ll send you a couple more emails which will provide you with instructions on how to get prepared for the first coaching session.

We will supply you will the dates of each coaching session so you can enter them into your calendar and plan your time in the programme from start to finish.

Doors Close In

p.s. Make sure you get signed up right now. If you don’t Reserve Your Spot in the programme then nothing will change.

You’ll remain like I used to be, ignorant to the incredible life that was waiting for me, but that I knew nothing about until it was shown to me.

I have now shown it to you, so sign up and let’s do this together.

p.p.s. Remember you’ll receive the 12 weekly online coaching sessions working through the whole Grow Personal Success System step by step.

You’ll apply the principles during the programme and have support for a full 12 months afterwards thanks to the two bonuses.

You’ll receive 6 months membership to the D.A.D.A. R.I.C.H. Members Club at the Silver level as well as 12 months membership to the GPS Mastermind Group.

AND you will have the opportunity to meet me and members of the GPS community at our next live event in London.

The whole package is worth over £4,000 but because you are signing up today and participating in the pilot you’re being offered it for just £299!

So go ahead and complete your sign up so you can begin unlearning what you've learned about life (that doesn't work) and start learning what has been intentionally hidden to prevent you from escaping the rat race.

Need to speak to someone to help you decide?

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