GPS Mentoring Programme

This is your rare opportunity to SET your MIND and determine that you TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE in 2015 with a SUCCESS oriented MIND-SET through embarking on the Growing Personal Success (GPS) Mentoring programme.

This transformational mentoring program, only for people serious about success, will positively impact the key areas of your personal and professional life as well as your relationships.

If you are an aspiring creative or entrepreneur thinking about starting or have recently started a business, then our team of business mentors including specialists from NatWest and HSBC Bank can show you how to get started, and how to raise capital.

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Invest in your greatest asset (YOU) and discover your passion in 2015. We'll then support you as you turn your PASSION-IN2-PROFITS as we have done for so many of our students over the last 20 years.  Who knows you may even find yourself on stage as a finalists at The next GPS Inspiration Awards in 2015.

To secure your place requires a deposit of £50.00 (100% refundable if during the 1st session you change your mind - Normal price £200)

To reserve your spot for the GPS Mentoring program click the button below!

Watch these videos of some of the finalists of the GPS Award held at RBS Headquarters in Bishopsgate and what they had to say about the GPS Mentoring programme